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When I was a senior in high school I had this buddy of mine we shall call Larry. He moved quite a ways away so I rarely got to see him and his sister Kaylee. I changed their names up to protect the innocent…

One day he calls me up and wants to know if I can come hangout for a while so I boarded a bus and headed out there. This was before cell phones so he couldn’t call me while I was on my way to tell me that he got called into work. He had a shit job at some fast food joint and only worked four hour shifts.

When I got to his pad the only person home was his lovely sister. She was a year older than me, but she looked light-years ahead of me development wise. Her ass was as shapely as can be and her tits just begged you to look.

His sister invited me in and told me I could watch TV while I waited for him to get back. I plopped in front of the TV set and settled on Jerry Springer. This was also before cable had 500 channels. Back then it was like 50 or 60.

While I was engrossed in the show I heard what I thought was my name being called from up stairs. I turned down the TV a bit to listen better and then heard what sounded like his sister saying, “Hello? Anybody down there?”

Being young and dumb I went back to Jerry Springer. Then I heard it again, “Hello? Jake?”

I stood up and went to the stairs half expecting to see her standing at the top of them. No dice. So I crept up them quietly and turned the hallway. Her bedroom door was open. Silently I moved down the hallway to her doorway and there on the bed was Kaylee Rain wearing nothing more than a bra and a pair of panties.

She was lying on her stomach facing away from me. It looked like she was doing some kind of homework or something. Kaylee had her radio on and didn’t seem to know I was burning an image of her panty covered ass into my mind.

Before long my dick was as hard as a rock and begging me for satisfaction. Just as I was coming to my senses and had decided to head back down stairs Kaylee turned around and looked right at the circus tent in my pants.

“Is that a banana or are you just happy to see me?” Kaylee asked with a wry smile.

“I am so sorry. I heard you downstairs and I.. uh..” Was all I could come up with.

Kaylee leaned on her side and then spun her legs around to sit Indian style facing me. Her panties got pushed over in the process and one of her pussy lips was showing. It took every ounce of willpower not to look and I still did it anyway.

She looked down to see what I was looking at and giggled. Instead of adjusting her panties she reached towards me beckoning. “Come here,” she said.

I slowly walked towards the bed and she motioned for me to sit down in front of her. I did as I was told and as soon as my ass hit the comforter she leaned forward to kiss me.

Have you ever had one of those times where you can’t tell if you are dreaming or awake? Where you are afraid to blink because you might miss something or are afraid to think because the girl might disappear? This was one of those times!

Next, I felt Kaylee squeeze my cock. Not hard like a beginner, but soft and… hmm… all encompassing? Like she was holding my hand, hugging me and cradling me in her bosoms while asking me to come along on an incredible journey.

Not wanting to disrupt this little slice of heaven on Earth, I had been keeping my hands to myself. Then Kaylee grabbed both of my hands and placed them on her boobs. They were huge. Not only that, they were full and firm. I could have kneaded them forever and ever, but she had a different plan.

Kaylee put one of my hands on her crotch and I felt the soft warmth of her pussy lip. Like a crack addict I dove a finger underneath her panties and was surprised at how wet Kaylee’s pussy was. You could say that it was soaked!

My finger slid into her moist vulva without any hesitation. It was quickly followed by another. Kaylee had a tight pussy and getting a third in there took some time. By now we had fallen sideways and were laying along side each other.

I felt my zipper being pulled down and her hand reaching in to find my hardon. She rubbed it through the hole in my boxers for a few seconds and then abruptly decided it was too confining.

She had my pants off in seconds and next went my shirt. Everything happened so fast I didn’t have time to ponder the fact that I was now completely naked in front of a girl for the first time in my life!

Kaylee pushed me onto my back and positioned herself with her mouth inches from the head of my cock. “Ever had a girl do this?” She asked before taking it into her mouth.

My hands instinctively moved to either side of her head while she seemed to be instinctively using her mouth in the best possible way. Being that this was the first time I had ever been given head I was ready to blow in under a minute. I tried to pull her head away and let her know, but she seemed intent on having me shoot my cum into her mouth.

Before this moment I had probably masturbated, been whacked off and had gotten fucked a total of 1500+ times combined. With actually getting laid comprising about .0013% of that total. Without a doubt I blew at least 10 times more cum into her mouth than had ever come out of my cock before.

Once I was done shooting my load into her mouth she broke off and spit it into her trash can. I tried to tell her I was sorry and she put a finger to my lips.

“Don’t be sorry, I am not the one that has to kiss me now.” With that she planted a kiss on my lips and inserted her tongue into my mouth. Not wanting to be rude I allowed it. I guess it was a small price to pay for receiving a blowjob for my first time.

Now Kaylee put one of my hands on her tit and the other back on her crotch. It didn’t take long for my dick to swell up again.

“Besides… Now you should be able to hold out long enough for me to cum!” Kaylee pulled out a condom from under her pillow and put it on me. Then she pulled her panties over and sat on my cock. It plunged deep into her wet pussy.

It felt like her insides were on fire. Kaylee grinded her clit into the base of my cock and I could feel the tip of my cock thumbing her cervix, which felt amazing!

She didn’t take long to hit her orgasm and while her pussy was contracting on my cock I let mine go again too. After some cuddling Kaylee bounced off of me and removed the condom. She threw it in her trash can before telling me to get dressed.

Someone once told me that some girls like to be close with their sex partners and others like to love`em and leave`em. Kaylee was definitely the love`em and leave`em type. She did however give me a piece of paper with her number on it and her brothers work schedule. I guessed she wanted me to call her the next time he wouldn’t be around.

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