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Hard to believe this babe is a rookie. Dena has that American girl charm and a body that will knock your socks off. When it comes to the word babe this girl takes the cake.

Rookie Babe finds urban starlets all across America. One of my favorite photo spreads in Playboy is when they go to colleges and find the All-American girls. Natural girls lurking in a bar near you. I feel the same about the Hustler’s Beaver Hunt. Or the Stuff Magazine and Maxim magazine girl next door hunts they both put on respectively. is where you go when you want all of the girls from many months all rolled into one members area.

The babes at Rookie Babe do several videos and picture sets each so you get to know the girls. The interview asks them about personal topics and hearing their answers in their own voice adds to the excitement.

Pics come in Large, Extra Large and XXL for those people that like to count the eye lashes.

Many of the Rookie Babes girls stick around and you could say the members area is more of a community than your typical porn site. takes the girls to various parties around the nation hosting everything from wet t-shirt contests to Playboy mansion parties.

Members get their own free copy of the Rookie Babe DVD sent to their door. To make things more exciting Rookie Babe 2.0 is set to launch within the next couple of weeks taking fan interaction to a whole new level!

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Playboys Busty Babes is devoted to deliver the most beautiful girls with large breasts. Playboys Busty Babes searches the whole country to present normal, intelligent, cultured, and classy girls that are busty babes.

Tiffany Ryan is just a normal girl residing in Gulf Shores, AL.. Other than her obviously perfect figure and large breasts. Tiffany Ryan is a bartender who likes being in the gym, going to the mall, enjoying beach activities, and chilling with her friends. Tiffany Ryan has always loved athletics especially basketball.  Tiffany Ryan likes the kind of man who does not use pickup lines. All he has to do is be real and to meet her and see where it goes from there. Check out the Tiffany Ryan interview video in the members area of Playboys Busty Babes.

Check out Playboys Busty gallery of this busty babe in her golden bikini and in the nude, then continue on to the details of the tour to become a member of a six site superpass for the Playboygirls network for the price of $19.87 per month.

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Blonde hair: Check
Bubble butt: Check
Nice tits: Check
Obnoxiously large high heels: Check

Babe Status: Confirmed!

Like most young babes Ashley found paying college tuition to be a daunting task. With the economy tanking and her job giving her a pink slip she needed to find a way to make ends meet. So Ashley turned to guys and girls like you for help. is Ashley’s ticket to a better life. Who doesn’t enjoy helping out a blonde bombshell with her college tuition? Especially when she showers us with daily updates!

Ashley is no stranger to good times and good parties. She is the embodiment of “The River Chick”. The girl willing to drop her top or lose her panties if it will get the party started. With Send Ashley to College you don’t have to book a room at the river, you just sign on and enjoy her exploits in the privacy of your own home.

Along with masturbating on video Ashley has sex with her many college friends. So many in fact that your could almost consider Send Ashley to College a Sapphic sorority!

So what do you say? Will you help Send Ashley to College?

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