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One of these ladies isn’t really a lady. Do you know which one it is? I bet the answer would blow your mind. What if I were to tell you the shemale is the blonde one? Would you believe me?

Find out who is who on the wackiest web site on the web. It is called Babe or Fake. It will test you on your ability to spot the visual cues that separate the girls from the boys. No matter how sure you are in your abilities I would be willing to bet there are a few of them that are going to trip you up.

Plastic surgery has come a long way. Shemales do more to transform themselves now more than ever before. If you met some of these "girls" at a bar I bet you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference until it was too late. Think about that before the next time you find yourself drunk and horny!

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Emma183 Emma18g
Emma18 Emma18gg

A good friend of mine was over and we did some drinking. Somehow our conversation switched to those old 976 numbers where you paid to have phone sex with women. We both surmised that most of those women probably had pretty voices, but were uglier than shit. So in reality you were jerking off to some "babe" that you probably wouldn’t have given the time of day to in real life.

These days girls can’t get away with that find of tomfoolery (damn, I actually spelled that right on the first try!). Most people have ditched 976 numbers for web cams these days. Now you can see the girl you are talking to and she had better be cute!

I don’t think anybody in their right might would disagree with me when I say that Emma18 from is the epitome of cute. I am sitting here wondering how this girl isn’t in Playboy and getting married to Hue Hefner. She has a pretty face. She has huge full boobs. Her legs are sexy. Her ass is fap happy hot!

While I could spend a lot of time wondering why this girl is on a free web cams site chatting it up with strangers I am not going to. Instead I am going to enjoy the fact that a girl that was once about five levels out of my league is now completely available to me.

You can start a conversation with Emma right now for free. Flirting with hot babes is always fun. Then if you want to see her naked you can go from there. You don’t even have to signup at all though to begin that conversation!

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