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When you get all literal and shit, Micro Bikinis are actually quite stupid. I mean, come on… You cannot wear this bikini unless it is a nude beach and if it is a nude beach, why wear a fucking bikini?

At least that is what I thought because I headed on over to Wicked Weasel and ordered one for my old lady. Now I think I get it. She wears her bikini in our pool when the kids are away.

Fuck me if I don’t get a half-mast boner every time I see that bikini just lying around the house. The kids saw it and wondered what in the fuck it was. I said racing stripes and we left it at that.

Bikini Dare is the place to go to see hot models and even a few amateurs wearing nothing but micro bikinis. They have every hair color, breast size and booty type. It is like they shuffle the girls and the bikinis and let nature take its course.

Sure, grandma probably wouldn’t approve of this site, but I am pretty sure grandpa wouldn’t mind it in moderation. He’d probably be handing granny her bingo money hand over fist just to get rid of her for a while.

There are over 1,000 videos and many more picture sets at Bikini Dare. I used to have a pinup poster of Heather Thomas on my wall when I was a teen. She was wearing an early 80’s pink bikini. Oh how I wish I could have seen her in the suit above!

Until then… there will always be Bikini Dare!

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Fetish by Anna. A site created for guys into hot babes doing twisted things. To say gets lovely women to do crazy shit would be an understatement. Whom among us has not dreamed of tying up a girl and having our way with them? Fetish by Anna taps into this hidden desire in a way that is tasteful and at the same time very alluring!

The content at Fetish by Anna transcends the usual pics and videos. She also features tons of hot stories on the subject. No matter if you are into women dressing in fishnets, women taking charge or women allowing you to dominate them, Fetish by Anna delivers.

Anna started this site with one thing in mind. Quality. She decides which women make the grade. Which story lines are worth shooting. Which photographers are experienced enough to capture every detail. I have to say, this lady is good. Real good at what she does!

Members of Fetish by Anna also get access to her sister site on latex and shinny rubber. Two materials that leave nothing to the imagination.

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