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This happens all the time: you go to an online booty call website (FIND LINK HERE) or any type of adult anonymous sex website, you connect with a hot-looking woman, you talk on a phone and you set up a date so you can fuck. Pretty straightforward, right? It’s easy to get excited about this scenario, right? Well, this is where things can get a little bit risky. By risky I’m not talking about dangers to your physical security although that can happen. I am primarily talking about risk to your wallet.

Make no mistake about it, there are tons of scammers that use website that people frequent to meet for sex. These scammers know that you’re really horny and usually when guys are really horny they often stop thinking. They stop being logical and they are easy to scam and they are easy to deceive and defraud. If you see these signs don’t even try to meet up with that person for sex. First of all that person is probably not a woman. It’s probably some guy out in a basement at the other side of the planet trying to milk some dollars off of you.

Second is even if she is a woman she is not going to show up. She’ll try to milk for as much as money as she can and then fail to show up. Third even if she does show up things can get really scary because she might get rough. Do you see how nasty this can turn out to be? So pay attention to the following signs.

First if the person keeps talking about money, that’s a red flag. Second if that person keeps suffering all these unfortunate accidents like failing to pay the rent or having a person in her life die, you might be dealing with a scam artist. She might be trying to play your heartstrings to try to suck up cash from you. Third if you notice that this supposed woman talks like a man or talks about things that men are interested in, you might be dealing with a guy who doesn’t have tits and a pussy but has balls and dick instead. Consider yourself warned.

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