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The saying goes that blondes have more fun, but I would have to refute that notion. I haven’t ever been with a redhead that wasn’t a barrel of fun and I have seen a lot of blonde babes that were total bitches. Perhaps if it were rephrased to say, "Those that hang with redheads have more fun." That sounds about right!

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Growing up it was really strange to me when I found out that girls also masturbated as much as the boys did. For years I literally thought I was the only human on the face of the Earth that engaged in this dirty sin. When I found out girls did it too it was because I caught the older sister of a friend of mine doing it. Watching her was and still is the high point of my life.

She had grown some pretty good sized tits. Much larger than any girls we were dating. Our families were pretty good friends so it wasn’t odd for us to just walk into each others houses unannounced.

On this particular day I walked in to find my buddy’s sister rubbing suntan oil into her beautiful tits out by the pool. I was shocked at first. I quickly cased the house to see if anyone else was home. Nobody was. There was a note on the kitchen table telling his sister that everybody was going to be gone until later on that night. She must have thought she had the entire day to herself to do as she pleased. On this day that meant masturbating by the pool!

I went to a guest room that had a window closest to her chair. It had blinds and they were slightly open. With the sun baring down on it all she could see was a reflection of the sun so I pulled a chair over and got my cock out.

As I watched she played with her nipples and occasionally glanced back at her sliding glass door as if to make sure she was alone. Then she reached down and pulled on the string to release the knot holding her bikini bottoms together. My cock got real stiff at the thought of seeing her naked pussy.

Once she pulled the other knot loose she pulled the front of her bottoms down so it fell between her thighs. Her pussy was not much more than a slit. A cleft of Venus. My cock was so hard at this point it actually hurt.

My buddy’s sister squirted oil onto her shaved public bone and then ran her fingers through it. She gave one more glance back at the sliding glass door and then seemed to commit to masturbating without any inhibitions.

Her hand slowly disappeared between her legs and as she came back up her middle finger was tracing up her slit. It came to her clit and she began to roll it around in a circle. She closed her eyes and opened her legs up. Her pussy was a bright pink. Her inner lips were very small. Almost non-existent. I could only imagine how soft, tight and warm her pussy must have been.

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Take advantage of this before they come to their senses.

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Why not treat yourself to a hot babe tonight? Ever heard of You can watch live sex cams for free all night long and talk to hot babes like JamieHot.

Even more than that, you can find hot babes to date or just to contact solely online. See Me is more than just a webcam site with hot babes. It is a community complete with adult dating and sexy uploads.


While it is highly unlikely you are going to get to date Jamie, it is very likely you will find somebody closer to your league of play. There are tens of thousands of women on the site and more add themselves every day. This place is packed full of college coeds that fit the girl next door look to a T.



If you are most likely to date somebody less hot than Jamie why am I posting so many pics of her gorgeous body?

That is a good question and I will answer it honestly. I am posting them because there are so many of them to download. Not just of Jamie. I am talking about thousands of women posting their pics and their videos online and you can download them.

Why would a woman post her naked pics online? You got me, brother. That one I cannot answer definitively. But I can say without a doubt that a woman wielding a camera in front of a mirror tends to take naked photos of herself. It is a natural law of nature.

Now stop asking so many questions and give a try!

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