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Kaiya Lynn 

You’ve seen the headlines before. Hot babe from the Mid-West decides to leave home with stars in her eyes and dreams of becoming a Glamour Model.

She exits the bus in the big city and meets a nice guy willing to help her realize her dream. Only this guy has a different dream in mind for her.

So what is a good girl to do once she does porn? Well, she should do more porn… duh!

Glamour Models Gone Bad takes the hottest porn stars and the sweetest amateur girls next door and glams them out. What you end up with is some swanky bitches you’d give your left arm to fuck!

Currently updates with 7 new videos and 9 new picture sets a week. They have been open since 1998 so the amount of porn in this guys archives will keep you hella-busy.

Because this guy is part artist and part porn producer you end up with some very high resolution videos. Kevin (the owner) has always been ahead of the technology curve. You could say that crystal clear video is a passion of his.

The content at Glamour Models Gone Bad ranges from fetish, tie her up stuff, to the Playboyesque. Girls are known to go solo and bring another girl along for the ride. Even some lucky guys get in on the action!

As always, take the tour and pay special attention to the sample pics and videos. Also check out the join page for sneak peeks inside the members area.

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Life has two constants. Death and taxes. Saying this paints a pretty ugly picture of life. No color. Just black and white. Not even shades of gray.

Porn gives life color. It paints life with all of the colors of the rainbow and even some in-betweens. Sites like MPL Studios go out of their way to inject color into your life by creating something bigger than porn. They create Erotic Art!

To do so they scour not just the US, but the entire world! And not just for their models, but for their photographers too! So instead of seeing the same old shit update after update you see something truly unique!

MPL Studios updates daily. Take the tour and notice the sample photos at the bottom. The largest is 2000 pixels but the members area features photos as high as 3000 pixels. Whether you are into counting eye lashes, hair on the head or goose bumps on a nipple, these photos will have you counting and counting and counting!

The videos at MPL Studios are broken down into chunks for easier viewing with a full sized video available incase you want to archive them on your own computer. You know, to brighten your life even after you have canceled!

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