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I look at the photo above and I think to myself, damn I am proud to be an American! Not that other countries like Italy and France don’t pose hot babes with huge tits in front of planes, but here in America the hot babes are speaking English. As much as I love a good blonde with an Austrian accent, I prefer to know what she is saying.

Wendy Combattente is better known as Wendy4. She found a way to get around that crazy last name with something a tad bit more memorable.

Wendy4 is not a porn star, she is a pinup model with a huge rack of tits. They are natural 32J’s. Wendy updates her site three times a week and includes behind the scenes candids. Those are where the action is at :O

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Aletta Ocean in lesbian asshole licking party

Today we are going with three babes instead of just one. The one in the middle is Aletta Ocean. It isn’t often that a dark haired beauty shines brighter than her blonde counterparts, but a sweet set of tits will do that for ya!

Watch the Aletta Ocean lesbian videos and be amazed by the clarity. These are the smaller free versions. Imagine what they look like inside the members area!

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It is every guys worst nightmare. Getting caught masturbating by an older woman. But what if the tables were turned. What if you caught her and what if she was willing to show you her technique?

FTV Girls explores the many ways girls (mostly college age) pleasure themselves. For the vast majority of them it is their first time making an adult video. Their shyness is 80% of the reason you will want to watch!

There aren’t many MILF on FTV Girls since they try to stay true to the name, but after watching the video above I wouldn’t mind seeing more. The site is updated twice a week and has archives going back a number of years.

Every video at FTV Girls is shot in high def and the clarity is unmatched. Many of the girls do some kind of public nudity. Watching hotties masturbate in parks and business centers with pedestrians passing by and gawking is hot!

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Every boy starts out the same. You start noticing the girls in your class are growing tits and you become obsessed with seeing them. You look around for material featuring exposed tits and find that many clothing catalogs have scantily clad women in them.

Over time you learn that some bikini retailers actually send out ads filled with hot babes in tiny bikinis. A seed is planted in your psyche for the bikini fetish. You devour magazines and catalogs of hot babes in bikinis like a saw mill devours wood.

You are all grown up now and grown ups have grown up bikini sites like Bikini Riot to fuel their fascination with babes in bikinis. Brea Lynn is a perfect example of what these kinds of sites have to offer. If I had a nickel for every river chick I have scene that seemed to take her cues from Brea!

When you don’t have time for a river vacation you can login to Bikini Riot and enjoy hundreds of hot babes. They do more than just pose so things get pretty damn hot.

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