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Ashlynn  Booke masturbation sceen sex drive

I was looking around for something to post about and I came across this video of Ashlynn Brooke and it sparked a memory from back in the day…

It all started when the girl next door, who was a few years older than me, asked me to come over and swim. She had just moved in weeks before and didn’t seem to go out much. Being older than I was she was fully developed with some perky tits and a round bottom, both of which looked amazing in her bikini.

When I arrived I didn’t know what to expect. Both her mom and dad were gone and there was nobody there. I asked if she’d invited anyone else and she said no and we went into the backyard.

My Ashlynn Brooke look-a-like jumped into the pool and when she came up for air she asked if I was getting in. I did a canon-ball which she wasn’t very impressed with. Older broads…

After splashing around she mentioned she’d like to catch some sun and she climbed aboard a raft floating by her. Once out of the pool I could see her nipples were noticeably hard and her shaved pussy sucked her wet bikini bottoms right into the cleft.

I got out and went to a lounge chair and caught some rays myself while I tried to figure this chick out. Did she swim all the time? Did she get bored and just want somebody to come over? Did she want to talk about something? If so, why’d she pick sunbathing, which is usually a silent activity, as a way to get me over to her house?

The wind blew her raft around so she faced to my right and I could gaze at her boobs without her realizing it. I could so see the cleft of her pussy still. I felt my dick twitching and pretty soon it was uncomfortably pushing on the confines of my swim trunks. I tried to position it so it would be the least noticeable and figured I’d doze off and so it’d go back down.

While I slept I had a dream and in that dream this girl and I were rubbing each others genitals while kissing madly. She undid her blouse and her front clasping bra so I could suck on her nipples. Just as my tongue started working on her nipple the light changed. It got darker and I heard a faraway voice…

The girl had exited the pool unbeknownst to me. Now she was standing over me, one leg on either side of the chair, hence the shadow. I opened my eyes and caught the tail end of her asking if I was excited. I looked up puzzled and she pointed at my pecker. It was pitching quite a tent.

"Do you pull on that and think about girls in their bikinis?" She asked coyly.

"Um. No. I…" Was all I could answer with.

"Sure you do. I bet you were dreaming of my hand pulling on it for you… but you know you are the only one that actually pulls on it. Don’t lie to me. I want to watch you pull on it." She commanded.

Up until this point I had never received such a request and had no idea how to take it. Was she serious? Was this a trick? Was she video taping me? I took in my surroundings looking for a camera lens.

"Nobody else is here. Would it help if you saw my naked boobs?" With that she untied her top and threw it to the side. She then licked her fingers and teased her nipples until they were hard. This really made my dick want to explode!

"OK, I will show you mine if you show me yours." Now she grasped both sides of her bikini bottoms and waited for me to do the same.

Not wanting to blow this I undid the string holding my bathing suit up and began moving them down. She did the same and just as my pecker popped out her pussy came into full view. The sun on my cock felt weird. I had never been naked outside before.

"Just hold it for me and I will hold mine open for you." She said as she used her fingers to show me her vulva and her clit.

Precum began to ooze out of my cock and I reflexively began to rub it around the head and then down the shaft.

"That’d a good boy. Now pull on it and show me what you do when you think of girls in their bikinis."

I had already started and so I figured I might as well finish. After a few minutes I grabbed a towel from the chair next to us and shot my load into it.

"Wow! That was a lot! Maybe you should pull on it more often for me so it doesn’t get so backed up!" She exclaimed.

Then she lowered herself onto my face and I instinctively began licking her clit. She ground her crotch so hard into my face it was almost too painful to bare! She came too and then handed me back my trunks.

"My dad’s do home any time now. You should go." She said as we got dressed and she took me by the hand to the side yard gate.

She kissed me, with tongue and then squeezed my cock. "Go pull on this for me, OK? I’ll call you tomorrow."

Ashlynn Brooke can bring back such memories because she isn’t some used up, coke addicted porn star. She is a successful performer that just happens to work in the porn industry.

She has juicy tits and a fine ass. Her beaver looks like a sweet peach waiting for you to poke it. I bet it tastes like nectar! Members also get access to all of her porn star friends and her entire DVD library of work!

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