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I have to say… I am fucking pissed off!

It used to be that in order to see young hotties like Brittany Marie above you had to buy Playboy’s Fresh Faces magazine from a newsstand… separately from your current Playboy Magazine subscription.

Now’a’days you just have to buy one site and you get the entire network of Playboy at your finger tips? Fuck me! You people have it much easier than I did before this whole Internet thing came about. If I want to check out Miss March of 2005 I have to dig through my boxes of magazines. All you people have to do is make a few mouse clicks? Come on, Playboy. Why don’t you just give the entire network away for Christ’s sakes?

Well… Actually, they almost do. It only costs $14.95 to join the Playboy Cyber Club and get thousands of girls delivered to your monitor. Sheesh… Where was all of this when I was a young buck?

Not to mention now you can chat with models live, talk to models and other members in the message boards and more. Come to think of it, I love the Internet. I am just glad all of this came about before I met my maker.

Time for me to go have some dirty time with Brittany Marie. See ya on the inside!

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Do you like watching hot babes masturbate? Do you prefer high quality videos and girls over the cookie cutter crap most sites are putting out these days?

Then it is time for you to experience FTV Girls first hand (no pun intended). The FTV Girls are the queens of masturbation videos. No, make that the princesses of masturbation videos since many of these girls are doing this for their first time!

Since it is their first time you get to see the before interview where they are quirky and unsure. Nothing could be more exciting. You get to watch the camera guy butter them up and get them to expose themselves in public. Restaurants, parks, business malls, shopping malls, you name it, FTV Girls has a hot babe masturbation video of it!

In the pics and masturbation videos above you get to see blonde babe Brigitte rubbing her pussy for the first time on camera. She uses a dildo, vibrators, her hand and more. Each girl does several rounds of masturbation with various items and also does several picture sets of very high resolution pics.

There are thousands of hours of videos at and I’ll bet you can’t watch half of them in six months time. Unless you have no job, family, friends or other “distractions”.

If this is your first time experiencing FTV Girls you are in for a treat. If it has been a few years since you last visited the girls you are in for some heavenly updates.

Grab an FTV Girls pass and see why I have been a member since 2004!

*Hint: After signing up, cancel and you will receive an offer for a lower price!

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