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Webcams are helping porn companies like create some really interesting technology for advancing the quality and excitement of porn. With their Live Pornstar Shows you can sit in on a live taping of a porn shoot from start to finish. It is pretty wild and beats actually being there, which I have done a few times.

Now you might be wondering why streaming a live pornstar show is better than actually being there and I will tell you why. Sure there are the ups of being around nude girls, but everybody there looks at you like they are unsure of what you will do. It makes the whole thing kind of scary for both you and the performers. While some shoots are catered with great food many are not and once I got food poisoning!

On top of the food and safety aspect there is the cost. With gas costing as much as it does I paid $30 to get there and back. The same price I could have paid to watch unlimited webcams shows on!

Then there is the porn archive I lost out on because I wasn’t a member of this site. Seriously, you will love your membership and the access to live porn videos as they are shot that it gives you!

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When my wife turned forty years young she had a strange request for me. It was something so out of left field that I didn’t know whether or not to take her seriously or not. She wanted me to find a transsexual woman that looked every bit the part of a female and invite her into bed with us. I had never known my wife to want to do anything other than missionary style so this really threw me for a loop. Was she trying to trick me? Was this some kind of joke? Did she find the futanari videos I thought I had hid on the computer? Or was this all something she was thinking about on her own?

When the time came I used the interface to look up the hottest shemales in all of Birmingham and eventually I singled one out that was receptive to my request. She was very sexy looking. She would easily pass for being a woman even with just a pair of panties on. She could tuck it that well.

On the night of my wife’s birthday I invited Isabella inside our bedroom and my wife received her with open arms. My wife was killing two birds with one stone. On one hand she always wanted to be with a woman, but didn’t want to "be a lesbian" so Isabella having a cock was a bonus for her. On the other she always wanted to see me suck another guy off and didn’t want me to be a "faggot" so Isabella having tits and otherwise looking like a female was another bonus.

All in all delivered to us the best night of our lives. And it is safe to say that Isabella is going to be a part of our sex life for a good number of years to come. Give it a shot and see what your future brings.

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