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ftv girls
When it comes to finding hot babes the FTV Girls people have a knack for finding not just a hot looking babe, but also a piping hot attitude. First Time Video Girls is all about finding the hottie next door and putting her on video to masturbate or have lesbian sex for the first time (on video).

Alexa above is a good example of the petite and barely legal girls this site can get. In addition to petite girls they also get Rubenesque and everything in between.

The variety at FTVGirls is expansive and far reaching. As a new member you will have literally hundreds of girls to explore. Many of the girls come back to do more episodes. Each episode is actually several episodes and it is all broken down so you can easily digest them.

Alexa plays a naughty schoolgirl in her first episode. Arriving home from class she decides to masturbate outside on the lawn. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that FTV Girls is all about exhibitionism. These girls get freaky in some very public places.

Along with the very high quality videos you get their large pictures too. We are talking the kind of pics you can zoom into and count hair follicles on places that no longer have hair. If you know what I mean…

New models are added once a week. Each models videos last for 7 to 20 minutes each and often range anywhere from several megabytes to several hundred megabytes. Each update contains multiple videos of the same model and several photo sets.

One of my favorite FTVGirls videos is where two hot blondes, that are so girl nextdoor it is amazing, lick each others pussies in a park. Right in the middle of the park. People walking around. Cars driving by. Two chicks eating each other out! WTF?

Unfortunately for the blog they never released any promo videos for that episode. However, Larysa and Faye did have their red hot videos released so you can check them out! Two hot beach babes get frisky and naked in the water and then go home to explore each others body for the first time. Very hot!

FTV Girls has so many reasons to join that I cannot possibly list them all here. Take the tour and check out the model directory. See for yourself why FTVGirls should be one web site every pervert as experienced at least once!

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Tired of cock in your porn? Xisty is 100% wall to wall pussy!

Damn fine pussy too. Irisz is a busty brunette with one hell of a sweet pussy. Shaved and wet, her pussy is the softest thing known to mankind and she wants to share it with you!

At the focus is on pussy. A tight focus in high resolution. The pics they shoot are so crystal clear and of such a high resolution you could use them to train gynecologists.

Updates at Xisty come in daily and feature pics and videos in many different formats. Photos can be downloaded as Zips and are shot in 3000 pixel resolution. Movies are shot in 640×480 and ultra high definition 1280×720.

There are over 190 models at Each model does more than one picture and video update with many having as many as 3 to 5 of each.

If you prefer pussy only porn Xisty has you covered.

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You can file this one under, “Search for it and it will come.”

WTF does that mean? That means someone searched for Dawn Avril and I noticed that I didn’t have any Dawn Avril… so here ya go!

As I was flipping through Dawn’s site my buddy came over. He is talking about how he needs a girlfriend and he needs to get laid and basically he is talking like a pussy.

I suggest he listen to Tom Lykis. If you have never heard of Tom you can click his name and tune in online. The Tom Lykis Show is a syndicated talk show (means it is picked up nationwide). On the show Tom teaches you how to be a real man and stop being a sperm donor waiting to owe child support to some bitch…

So anyway… I point to my screen and Dawn Avril. He is like, “Who is she?” Oh… Just one of the hottest teen solo models on the planet… that’s who!

I suggest he should go home and smoke a big spliffy and buy a membership to Dawn Avril (through my affiliate link of course!) and soon he will forget about this whole girlfriend thing. Getting a girlfriend is as good as getting a bitch pregnant because that is what is going to happen eventually.

Think about it. How many couples do you know where their first kid was on purpose? I know I can count them on one hand. Hundreds upon hundreds of couples and I can only think of three or four that had their kids by choice (one might have been lying… who wants to tell their first born that they were an accident?).

When Oprah and Doctor Phil denounce porn I just have to laugh. How many more fucking people do they think this world can handle? Third world countries don’t need condoms and AIDS pamphlets. They need porn and broadband Internet connections. How else are they going to enjoy

Dawn Avril updates with a new video and two new photos each week. You also get live web cam shows and the archived shows of weeks past. Dawn is also giving you access to her friend’s, Gianna and Cassie, live cam shows too!

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