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I grew up with Playboy magazine in the house. I came to enjoy and prefer their style of nudity. Nothing vulgar, just women being as beautiful as they can be. Perhaps that is why I enjoy Only Tease so damn much!

The British have one thing they do that nobody else can touch and that is dress their secretaries in some naughty-ass fashion! They have style American secretaries lack. Who wears those panties? Only the British and when you see panties like those you know you are in for a whirlwind sex session!

I often wondered what grandpa’s obsession with Benny Hill Show was all about. Then one day I sat down and watched the show. Jesus H. Christ, smoking hot women parading around in garter belts, bras, panties, short skirts… No wonder why the old bugger was glued to the TV when Benny came on!

You can see what gramps was so excited about over at Only Tease. They have hundreds of women wearing thousands of garments. Don’t let the name fool you though, they do more than just tease!

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Oh, Nicole… Not to get too punny on you, but you are going to be the death of me, girl!

Nicole Graves started her career in porn back in 2005. She started out as a topless model and then was found by Penthouse where she become a Pet of the Month. This led to her being found by Twistys and her popularity with the members sparked the need for her own web site!

Not hard to see why… again, no pun intended…

On her site Nicole does hardcore and updates weekly with a new video and pics. Members of Nicole Graves also get access to her live web cam.

OK, I have got to tell you a little story… So the web cam pops on and I don’t think she realized it did because of daylight savings. There is Nicole wearing panties and a bra eating sushi. After about 30 seconds she realizes the camera is on and you can see her check the time in her monitor. An “Oh Shit!” light bulb goes off above her head!

She apologizes and everybody is like… No! Continue eating, we will wait. Well, she did have some chow mien too so she is slurping those up and guys are like, “OH FUCK YEAH, BABY!”

Pretty soon guys are making requests to put some of this and that on her nipples and lick it off… put the chopsticks in your… you get the idea! Hottest fucking webcam session ever. It was like playing with your high school crushOnly she is a porn star!

So anyway… Get all of the Nicole Graves content in one place with one password and a $1, two day trial. If you don’t like it, cancel… If you do, stay a member and Nicole will be the death of you too!

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